Traditional LTL shippers have their product shipped from a single starting point to multiple destinations. However, shipping directly to various final destination points is expensive and can be marred with lengthy delays, product damages, inconsistent delivery times and costly assessorial charges. PLG’s Pool Distribution Service offers a superior and cost-effective alternative to traditional LTL shipping. Instead of shipping orders directly to each individual consignee, orders are consolidated and shipped directly to one or more of our regional terminals. From there, each inbound “pool trailer” is offloaded, sorted and segregated by individual consignee and then reloaded onto a local delivery truck for the last mile delivery to the final destination.


  • Reduced transit times, with more consistent delivery days and time windows
  • Maintain shipment integrity
  • Reduce claims due to less handling
  • Lower overall shipment and assessorial cost
  • Direct-to-store or direct-to-consumer distribution
  • Flexible space and labor to economically manage seasonal spikes